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      2. About us

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          Zhejiang Linyan Group Co.,LTD is located in Yongkang City,a city reputed for metal and hardware
          industries in China.Our company-site occupies more than 30,000 square meters,with over 400 personnel and assets of RMB 41.86 million.The company is one of the first companies licenced to carry out import and export.
          The company is an export-oriented enterprise,specialising in production of stainless steel vacuum flasks and bottles,and is ranked 30th among the largest 500 private enterprises in China.After years of hard work and fast development our company has developed automatic assembly lines of international standards,and performs quality system management according to ISO9001:2000.Our company possesses own workshop handling color painting,silk print,hot print,and laser engrave accoring to customer's requirement.Our company currently exports to more than ten countries including Japan,Korea,Taiwan and in to Europe,North America and Southeast Asia,where our products have received much respect.Our motto is "Time evidences quality and Confidence comes from sincerity!".We sincerely and warmly welcome worldwide business partners to visit our company.



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